2009 Sprint AND Long-Distance Championships!

The 2009 Sprint and Long-Distance Championships are scheduled for October 3 & 4, 2009. The weekend event will feature the same events that will be offered for the Micronesia Cup in Saipan in late October. So consider it a Tune-up with federation medals!

The tentative events are as follows:

Sprints: (250m course)

Juniors: 500m & 1000m

Open: 500m & 1500m



Juniors: TBA

Open: 12mi (men, women & mix)


Teams are asked to provide their own canoe for the Long-Distance Event. Registration forms and fees will be posted soon!


HOCC hosts scrimmage with Guam National Mens Team

HOCC hosted the first in a series of three pre-distance season scrimmages against the National Team on Saturday, July 4, 2009. Participating HOCC teams scrimmaged against the national team with a 5 miunte head start. The course started out of boat basin and exteded southward toward Camel Rock and return to complete the 6 mile course.

In support of the Guam National Team, 50% of the $60.00 crew entry fee will be donated to Team Guam.

The next scrimmage is scheduled for July 19, 2009 at Boat Basin. 0730 show 0800 go!

Overall Times:

Guam National Men 00:56:52:335

Haggan Homegrown 01:06:37:813

Sindalu mix 1 01:12:41:545

Ma'ok 01:14:26:719

Sindalu mix 2 01:17:46:696


Welcome newly certified IIAAG Coaches!

The latest additions to the growing number of IIAAG coaches were certified by Tony Blas on Thursday, March 4, 2009. In an unprecedented turnout from HOCC, Leann Crisostomo, Vinnie Luzanta, Bennie Mesa, Donna Gogue, Jermaine Alerta, Sus Siatan-Calimbahin, Joey Taitano and Frank Borja were certified. The new coaches were treated to an open-bar courtesy of Jermiane & Sus!



2009 Long-Distance Championships

This year HOCC will host the championship event, closing the OC-1/2 Long-Distance Season. The course has not been finalized but will start/end out of Merizo Pier (Cocos Lagoon). The registration form and waivers will be available soon! Juniors are welocme and members of TEAM GUAM MUST PARTICIPATE (or at least the majority of them!).


2009 IIAAG Sprint Season

Monday, February 23, marks the official first day of practice for high school paddlers. This year HOCC will be coaching Simon Sanchez (Ron Ruiz), JFK (Afshin Amoui), Notre Dame (Mel Malloe) and Father Duenas (Dave Camacho). Students will compete in 500m, 1000m and 1500m sprints in a progressive format throughout the season. All races will be held at Matapang Beach.


MOC-1 Long-Distance Series

"Valentines Day Relay"

Saturday, February 14, 2009 was the first event in the MPRA OC-1 LD series. Dubbed the "couples" race, the course was two legs starting in Umatac Bay to Nimitz Beach and return. This event was in the relay format.

Here are the official times:

1. LeAnn Coleman/Colin Smith/Leilani & Rick Appleton; 2:11:29; OC2 (Coleman/Smith 58:22; Appletons 2:11:29); Mixed OC2 1st
2; Joe Perez/Carl Aguon; 2:14:19; OC1 M/M; (Perez 1:05:35; Aguon 2:14:19) MM OC1st
3. Adrienne/Scott Ishizu; 2:37:16; OC1 M/W; ( Adrienne 1:32:34; Scott 2:37:16) M/W OC1 st
4. Jesus Siatan/Austin Carbullido; 2:37:40; OC1 M/M (Siatan 1:17:37; Carbulido 2:37:40) M/M OC1 2nd
5. Susanna Schlub/Ed Conales; 2:37:51; OC1 M/W; (Schlub 1:21:56/Conales 2:37:51) M/W OC1, 2nd
6. Erwin Cruz/Ann Gawel 2:39:56; OC1 M/W; (Cruz 1:06:45/Gawel 2:38:56)l M/W OC1; 3rd
7. Pete Calori; OC1; 1:52:15


MPRA MOC-1 Finals / GKCF OC-1 Sprint National Championships!

The close of the OC-1 sprint season was held Saturday, February 7, 2009 at East Hagatna Bay. This event was also declared a qualifying event for the 2009 national team.

In competition were: Scott Ishizu, Carl Aguon, Afshin Amoui, Brandon Taisican, Ricky Castro, John Lacap, Austin Carbullido, Sus Siatan, Joey Taitano, Bennie Mesa, Donna Gogue, Frank Borja, Yuri & Melani. Dave was unable to participate due to a skateboard injury (or something like that). HOCC competed in every discipline at the event which included, OC-1, OC-2 (exhibition), V-1 and K-1.

Those trying out for Team Guam Men should know that the certified times in this event will be considered your Day-1 attendance & OC-1 beginning time. Surprise!


MPRA MOC-1 Slalom

Race #2 in the OC-1/2 & Va'a series was held this past Saturday(24 Jan) in Umatac Bay and featured events in the slalom format.

Competing on behalf of HOCC was Sus Siatan and Austin Carbullido in the OC-1 events and veterans Dave Camacho and Carl Aguon competing in both OC-1 & V-1 events.

Open Men's Heat


Collin  Smith (3:54/4:11/5:52)
*Pete Calori (4:09/6:09)
*Austin Carbullido (4:29/6:34)
*Jesus Siatan, Jr. (4:33/8:03)
Erwin Cruz (4:17/4:51/6:28)
David Camacho (4:10/4:27/6:58)
Billy Taitingfong (4:32/4:43/6:33)
Carl Aguon (4:12/4:29/6:17)
*Pedro Crisostomo (4:18/6:49)
*Jon Torres (4:48/7:13)
*Did not compete in Va’a race

It was a great day with lots of cool wind and fun in the sun. Paddlers have a weekend off from racing as the Sprint Championships are scheduled to be held on February 7, 2009 at East Hagatna Bay.

Click here to read the article from Marianas Variety



Saturday, January 17, 2009 marked the first competition of the 2009 season. Hosted by MPRA the OC-1/2 sprints were held at Matapange beach with an addition of one discipline, Va'a-1 (rudderless canoe). With a good turnout from MPRA, OGCC and of course, HOCC the event was a great "Welcome Back" to those that have been relaxing in the off-season and a "Paddling 101" to the newbies.

Marianas OC-1 Race Series Results: (Heat 1/Heat 2)
OC-1 Heat 1: Open Men
Collin Smith (2:14/2:15)
Pete Calori 2:25
Erwin Cruz (2:27/2:54)

Austin Carbullido (2:27/2:33)
Kiko Crisostomo 2:32
James Cruz (2:34/2:38)
RJ Libby (2:35/2:31)
Seatiel Dela Cruz (2:36/3:01)
Jesus Siatan, Jr. (2:39/2:35)
Darren Gutierrez (2:57/2:39)
Jermaine Alerta 4:04
OC-1 Masters Men
Em La Blance (1:42/2:37)
Mike Gawel (1:44/2:29)
Dick Soriano (1:48/2:32)
Rick Appleton (1:59/2:45)
OC-1 Masters Women
Leilani Appleton 2:43
Toni Vonscheele 3:01
RJ Libby/Takaumi Kogure 1:27
Kiko Crisostomo/Erwin Cruz 1:28
Mildred Wooten/Charmain Shimizu 2:28
Jermain Alerta/Jesus Siatan, Jr. 3:15
Stand Up Paddle
Pete Calori 2:58
Collin Smith 3:03
Brandon Aoki 3:18
Rick Appleton 4:10
Collin Smith 2:18
David Camacho 2:20
Rick Appleton 2:45
Boy’s OC-1 250m
Duke Appleton 1:46 (U10)
Isaac Snively 1:39 (U12)
Andrew Rios 1:30 (U14)
Takaumi Kogure 2:20 (U16)
Josh Vonscheele 2:26 (U18)
Julius Naranjo 2:36 (U18)
Matthew Perez 2:40 (U16)
Girl’s OC-1 250m
Kailee Santos 1:32 (U14)
Madison Taitano 1:39 (U14)
Gigi Snively 1:42 (U12)
Annabell Serious 1:48 (U14)
Mike Patterson 2:56 (U10)
Maia Santos 2:38/2:42 (U16)
Morgan Leon Guerrero 3:16
Gabi Mantanona 3:30 (U12)

Great paddling to Dave (on the V-1, whoo hoo!), Brandon (who took on the U16 division and the Open Division, what a bully!), Sus, Jermaine, James, Seatiel, Austin, Darren and two of Afshin's Jr. Women!

The next event in the OC-1/2 Sprint Series will be held in Umatac Bay and will be raced in the slalom format.

About 12 GB of pictures were taken courtesy of Sus Siatan's camera equipment they will be posted as soon as his sunburn subsides.

Click here to read the article from Marianas Variety


Auld Lang Syne

From the 1788 poem, written by Robert Burns, Auld Lang Syne literally means "old long since" but a more idiomatic English translation would be something like "long long ago", "days of long ago", "in olden days", or even "once upon a time".

As we reflect on this year's triumphs and accomplishments, let us all resolve to do better. Let us all resolve to go farther and let us all resolve to push harder than ever before.

From the Board of Directors of Haggan OCC, Happy New Year, Biba Añu Nuebu!


Start Planning!

The Sports program has been updated with the inclusion of Tennis and the deletion of Bodybuilding from the program. There have also been minor changes to the program regarding Golf (now schedule to be played over the first four days of Games-one day earlier than initial schedule) and Va'a (Canoeing) which is now all scheduled for the second week of the Games.

See the schedule of events draft


No eligibility change for 2009 Mini Games in Cooks -Article by "spasifikmag"

The Pacific Games Council has voted against change to its controversial eligibility rules at its meeting in Rarotonga. This will mean next year’s Pacific Mini Games hosted by the Cook Islands and the next Pacific Games in 2011 in New Caledonia will follow the same format as last year’s South Pacific Games hosted in Apia.

The eligibility law currently qualifies athletes by way of citizenship and at least five years consecutive residency in the country they are representing. There were calls after the Apia Games to relax these rules. Some also wanted the rules tightened to restrict the number of expatriate athletes who many felt were blocking the path of locally based athletes.

The 2009 Pacific Mini Games will be held next year from 24 September – 2 October and will see 22 countries participating in 15 sports; traditional va'a or outrigger canoeing, rugby union and league sevens, touch rugby, sailing, squash, weightlifting, triathlon, netball, tennis, boxing, lawn bowls, table tennis, athletics and golf.

The executive director of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue, says the mini games was at the top of the agenda at this week’s yearly council meeting.

“There’s a ceremony in Rarotonga, to commence construction of the new multi-sport facility that will be built in time for the games and the World Youth Netball next year. The workers have arrived, the money has been appropriated by Cabinet, and work, I think has started, but the official ceremony to lay the groundstone happens tomorrow.”

Andrew Minogue says everybody seems to be in agreement now, and everything should be ready in time for the Games.


View the mini Games promo here!


So what’s the difference between the Games and the Mini Games?

Andrew said both games are under the same body and same jurisdiction but the Games have a maximum of 28 sports codes that can enter whereas the Mini Games has a maximum of 15 sports codes. This allowed the smaller Pacific countries to have the opportunity to host one of the games which would be out of reach if it were 28 codes taking part.

Eligibility was a hot topic but after much debate, the status quo remains and expatriates are not eligible for entry. There have been some minor changes which were made to bring the rules in line and more similar to that of the International Federation.

Another changes is that the Council have approved the request that body building is out and tennis in as the 15th sports code for Cook Islands.

Incidentally the bids for the 2015 Games are now underway with the bidding process sorted out with bidders given up to March 2009 to put in their applications. The decision will be made and announced during the 2009 Games which will give the 2015 host country, six years to prepare as per the SPG Council charter. After the Cook Islands, it will be New Caledonia in 2011, then Wallis et Futuna in 2013.

The final night of the 4 day Pacific Games Council meeting was held at the Crown Beach resort at a cocktail reception hosted by Foreign Minister, Wilke Rasmussen in his role as Games Minister for the Mini Games in 2009.




Welcome to our newest Team

"Man Hita"... meaning "Together" in Chamorro, they are lead by Bennie Mesa and Joey Taitano. We welcome them and their crew Bobby Cruz, Catherine Caballes, Estelle Alig, Frank Lee Borja, Garrett Certeza, Heather Waltz, Kevin Suda, Liza Udui, Norma Jean Fejeran, Raquel Saludo, Vanessa Quinata, Daniel Brown and Yurie Skibang.

To inquire about joining Man Hita, please contact

Joey Taitano                  joey.taitano@gmail.com

Bennie Ann Mesa            benniemesa@yahoo.com


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