New Membership Rates

All-in-one membership effective April 1, 2009

firefox-greyThe board of directors have decided to increase the annual membership fees as follows:

Adults: $70.00

Juniors (13-17yrs): $40.00

Nenes (6-12yrs): $25.00

The new rate schedule will not only save our members money but also the hassle of obtaining USACK insurance on their own because HOCC will purchase the insurance policy for our members. The membership fee cannot be broken down into membership + insurance = membership fee, just in case you are wondering, it doesn't work that way.

We hope other clubs will follow suit and get insured locally thus eliminating "event only" insurance and long-distance red tape when filing a claim. What about race events? No problem! The other clubs have acknowledged our coverage and have allowed HOCC members to participate sans the event only insurance.

We are working on getting the IIAAG migrated over to local insurance to alleviate the need for our students to pay the USACK fee.


Challenges Ahead

Looking forward to the 2009 Season

firefox-greyWith the success of the previous season, the 2009 season schedule has alot to live up to. While we all enjoy the holidays, don't forget the events that will be up and coming right in to the new year! Team Guam, OC-1/2 Sprint and Long Distance Series, IIAAG etc.! Get ready!



Looking forward

Date Event Title Brief
January 09' Team Guam Try outs for the 2009 National Team. Mens & Womens crews are anticipated to particiate in the mini games in the Cook Islands.
Jan - Feb 09' OC-1/2 What a better way to begin the season with the OC-1/2 sprint and LD series.
Mar - May 09' IIAAG We barely finished the high school series and soon, all the members will be putting their coaching skills to the test!


Welcoming Team Man Hita

Everone should know by now that our club has grown rapidly in the past few weeks. The addition of Man Hita to the Haggan family of teams adds to our ever growing and diversified group. The board of directors would like to welcome Ron & Donna Gogue, Bennie Mesa, Joey Taitano, Bobby Cruz, Catherine Caballes, Estelle Alig, Frank Lee Borja, Garrett Certeza, Heather Waltz, Kevin Suda, Liza Udui, Norma Jean Fejeran, Raquel Saludo, Vanessa Quinata and Yurie Skibang. We look forward to a very long relationship with the athletes of Man Hita!

On the horizon

Now we need more canoes! A shortage of canoes has never really been an obstacle for our club but thanks to the great recruiting efforts of our membership, our "off-season" should also be focused on increasing our fleet.

Up and coming for the 09' season, we introduce: Sus Siatan, Jermaine Alerta, James Cruz, Jeniffer Calimbahin, CT McJohn, Oscar Espinosa, Austin Carbullido and Kevin Cruz.

Looks to be a busy off-season for them!


HOCC Members step up and take post as Coaches & Assistant Coaches for the 2008 IIAAG "Kareran Galaide" High School Series

Demonstrating passion is easy. Teaching the craft is the challenge. This year, once again, HOCC members stepped up and took charge. With veteran coaches Ron Ruiz, Scott Ishizu, Afshin Amoui and Mel Malloe within arms reach, Dave Camacho took charge of Father Duenas High School during Tony's Hiatis. I guess its Coach Dave now.

With the ENTIRE Guahan Flyers Team behind them, Donna Cruz, Odi Bautista, Kevin Diego and Ray Santos also stepped up as assistant coaches for Notre Dame High School sending them to their 1st place victory in the Manhoben Girls Division.

In total, HOCC fielded coaching staff for Simon Sanchez, JFK, Father Duenas and Notre Dame. That's more than any other club! Great job HOCC! Carl Agoun was very generous and coached AOLG with Nat Calvo (OGCC).

Go to our federation's website to view the results of the 2008 Kareran Galaide Series!

Click here to see Saipan's High School Series Times & Points (courtesy of SOCC)

Uniforms Uniforms Uniforms

New members = Need uniforms

Team - Please talk to your captains about the uniforms. We still have more races to go and MicroCup, thought still under discussion, will most likely be a "Uniform Only" event. I doubt the design will change so now its just a matter of sizes so we can order the baselayers. Any artists out there, feel free to submit your ideas to the board.